Corydoras is a popular type of freshwater catfish. It is beautiful and pretty adaptable. Therefore, many aquarium enthusiasts bring this fish home to beautify their aquariums. It is not one of those creatures who are messy or irritable. It blends perfectly with other fish and requires minimum maintenance. 

You can keep your cory catfish happy and healthy if you feed them the right food. So, what to feed Corydoras? Can you find that food easily at the local pet store? Will you need a special recipe if you are planning to bring Corydoras home? Continue reading to reveal the answers and learn how to take care of the cory catfish. 

What Should You Feed Corydoras?

Corydoras can consume a variety of foods to survive. Fish flakes, pellets, and bottom feeder tablets are a part of their basic diet. This fish can spend hours moving around the bottom of the tank to find food. That’s what it does in its natural habitat and you will usually find that it does the same in the aquarium. 

You can feed it algae pellets, fish flakes, shrimp pellets, and worms. Make sure the food will easily fit in your fish’s mouth. Corydoras can also eat larvae, insects, worms, and remains of other fish and plankton when they are in their natural habitat. If you buy fish food that contains the suggested ingredients, it will allure the Corydoras. 

Many people think that Corydoras is a tank-cleaning fish. They presume it because the cory catfish buries its snout into the gravel or sand and sometimes flips the gravel to find food. The fish is not cleaning the tank! It is using barbels to detect foods and consume them. 

You will find some good food suggestions for Corydoras in this post. You have to ensure that the food goes to the bottom of the aquarium whenever you provide it. Other fish would love to savour upon the food you providide for Corydoras, so you have to provide enough food to soothe the cravings of all your fish. 

Do not feed the same type of food time and again. Corydoras is an omnivore fish and you should change its food multiple times a week, or make sure that the food you provide contains different ingredients. Thus, you can provide a nutritious diet to your beautiful cory catfish. 

What to Feed Corydoras?
What to Feed Corydoras?

How to Pick the Best Food for Corydoras?

In the wild, Corydoras roam across the shores to scour the bottom for larvae, insects, invertebrates, worms, and greens. There might be a horde of hundreds of cory catfish schooling together. They may consume the flesh of dead fish, but it is not a part of their primary diet. 

You must check the ingredients list before buying food for Corydoras. Poor-quality fish food may contain a variety of fillers. Those ingredients can increase the waste in the aquarium and affect the fish’s health. 

Pick two or more types of fish food

It should not be too tough to find fish food containing a variety of ingredients. Some brand does deep research on the fish’s natural eating habits. They produce foods meeting all the nutritional needs of the fish. 

Such foods help you keep the fish happy and healthy. You can still switch the diet of the fish to encourage it for exploring the tank bottom. You may want to change your fish’s meal once in a while, to provide new varieties. 

Experts advise changing the fish’s food. It keeps the fish entertained and active. Besides, there won’t be too much waste at the bottom of the tank if they eat it all. 

Never feed foods made of poor-quality ingredients

Many fish food brands use poor-quality ingredients that can severely affect your cory’s health. Avoid low-quality fish meals as much as possible.

Recognize brands that use leftover skin, guts, bones, and scales to prepare fish foods. These ingredients may not provide any nutrition to the fish’s diet. Therefore, you should avoid foods made of such ingredients, or at least make sure that they meet proper standards.

If there are fillers in the fish food, it will become waste at the bottom of the tank. Such foods can increase the quantity of toxic ammonia in the tank and affect the health of Corydoras. So, avoid low-quality foods and pick top-rated fish foods. 

Choose high-quality ingredients

You should buy fish food containing ingredients, such as whole fish, black soldier fly larvae, spirulina algae, kelp, worms, krill, and other such ingredients. You may find shrimp and salmon pellets in whole fish foods. They provide high-quality protein and keep Corydoras healthy. 

Spirulina algae is a vitamin-rich and protein-rich algae. Corydoras can easily digest it and there won’t be any waste at the bottom of the fish tank if they eat it all. Fish food that contains worms provides a daily supply of protein. Kelp has anti-inflammatory properties and it can boost your fish’s immunity. 

High-quality ingredients keep the fish healthy, active, and relaxed in the tank. Look for the recommended ingredients on the packaging of the fish food. You will know what to feed Corydorasonce you find the best blend of ingredients. 

How Often Should You Feed Corydoras?

You should feed Corydoras two-three times a day. Do not feed more than what can be eaten in two minutes. You will sprinkle sufficient food to help the fish fill its tummy. The fish will eat whatever food it will find there. It will scavenge the tank bottom for the remaining time to find more food. 

Final Thoughts on What To Feed Corydoras

Corydoras is one of the most recommended fish species for a home aquarium. It is easy-going, adaptable, breedable, clean, and beautiful. You have to ensure that the fish receives the best diet to keep it healthy. 

Follow the feeding guide shared in this post to pick the most nutritious and delicious food for your cory catfish. Carefully assess the ingredient list to know what to feed Corydoras. Pick a fish food brand that has gained positive reviews from multiple buyers. It will provide the most nutritious and delicious food for your Corydoras. Or, you can try to prepare the food yourself.