Hobbyists love Zebra Danios because it is small, beautiful, and perfect to keep in a community tank. Hobbyists first found this fish in India and then spread it across the globe. It can get up to around 1.5 inches (around 4 centimeters) long if you take proper care of the fish. 

You can learn some simple things about keeping zebra danios safe and alive.

Experts believe that water temperature does not affect zebrafish too much. It may look small but it is an extremely durable fish. It can survive in all sorts of environments, but keeping the tank clean will is of course essential.

There are several maintenance tips you may like to know before getting zebrafish. This video will take just a few minutes to explain zebra danios’ habits and needs. Check it now to learn how to keep your zebra danios healthy and active in your fish tank. Follow the suggested tips and you will never worry about the health of your zebra danios.