The process of creating a natural underwater layout in an aquarium is called aquascaping. 

Rimless open-top aquariums are perfect for aquascaping, and you can of course also use regular aquariums. The first thing you need for aquascaping is a substrate. Find a soil that is best for proper plant growth, if you plan on having live plants. You can also put some gravel to decorate the tank. You can choose wood or stones for a hardscape layout if the gravel does not look perfect alone. Make sure it won’t float or release unwanted things in the water. 

This video guide recommends the best way to pick your plants. There are hundreds of underwater plants one can buy to aquascape like a professional. The height, shade, and nutritional needs of plants should be considered, to help you make the best choice. 

You may want to find a way to blend the right amount of CO2 in the water to keep plants healthy. Besides, liquid fertilizers, maintenance tips, and cleaning methods are essential to your learning. You can learn a lot in this aquascaping guide to ensure that your aquariums look beautiful like a natural habitat for the fish. So, check out this guide now.