Many experts believe discus is the king of freshwater fish. It got a unique shape and you can find this fish in many attractive color patterns. It will not be fair if you decide to put this fish in a regular fish tank. Plan to build the most eye-catching planted aquarium for your discus fish. 

You must be wondering if you know how to aquascape and build a natural habitat for discus. Do not worry about that because this will video will guide you throughout the process. George Farmer is an expert when it comes to aquascaping. He has shared a user-friendly guide to help aquarium enthusiasts craft a perfect planted aquarium for discus. 

The sheer beauty of a planted aquarium makes it more impressive when discus fish are swiming in it. Discus is a graceful and slow-moving fish. It is large and therefore perfect to keep in a 400+ liters tank.  

Watch this video to learn how to build a planted discus aquarium at home and enjoy the process.