What Does a Pregnant Platy Look Like?

What Does a Pregnant Platy Look Like? - "almindelig platy, belize-platy, bunter platy, espada sureña, grauer platy, jamapa-platy, moon, plati, platipetsiliya, platy, rotaugenplaty, schwarzer platy, southern platy, southern platyfish, spiegelkärpfling, tähniline mõõksaba, zmienniak plamisty" by Ong Jyh Seng is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Introduction The world of freshwater aquariums is a captivating realm, teeming with diverse and colorful fish species. Among these aquatic gems are platies, which are known for their lively personalities and vibrant hues. For those enthusiasts looking to breed platies, one fundamental question frequently arises: “What does a pregnant platy look like?” Recognizing the signs […]