Are you an avid aquarium hobbyist looking for the perfect addition to your tank? If so, Amano shrimp are a great choice! Not only do they look stunning in the home aquarium, but they can help keep it clean and healthy too. But before you bring some of these tiny friends home, let’s take a closer look at their size. In this article we will discuss all there is to know about caring for Amano shrimp — from proper growth rates to what size should be expected. So welcome aboard as we dive into our exploration of the delightful Amano Shrimp!

General Info

Amano Shrimps, also known as Caridina Multidentata, are a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts. These invertebrates make lively and active tank companions that help keep your underwater world looking great. If you like shrimp or aquatic creatures in general, then amano shrimps might be a great addition to your tank. They are relatively hardy and require only minimal water parameters to thrive. Plus, they can tolerate a wide range of temperatures between 20-27 degrees Celsius. In terms of compatibility, amano shrimps get along well with peaceful fish, so it’s easy to integrate them in any community aquarium. With their bright coloring and interesting behavior, amano shrimps make for an exciting viewing spectacle!

How Big Do Amano Shrimp Get

When considering how big do amano shrimp get, on average, an adult amano shrimp will reach a size of 1–2 inches (2,5-5 centimeters) when fully grown. As juveniles, amano shrimps can vary in size from 0.3-0.6 inches (0,7-1,5 centimeters) depending on how much food they have access to. In terms of growth rate, this species matures faster than other freshwater shrimp; amano shrimps can reach adulthood within 3 months if provided with proper nutrition and ideal water conditions. In terms of mating behavior, female amano shrimps will often mate with multiple males in one spawning season — resulting in hundreds of eggs! 

Young amano shrimp require frequent feeding every day to meet their nutritional needs and promote healthy growth rates. A varied diet that includes a variety of algae wafers, high-quality blanched vegetables (such as zucchini or cucumber), as well as specially formulated shrimp food is best for optimum growth and health benefits. Additionally, it is important to perform regular water changes to maintain a healthy balance in your tank, as well as remove any uneaten food particles that could contaminate the water quality over time. So all this plays a role on how big your amano shrimps will get.

When kept under optimal conditions, healthy adult amano shrimps can live up to three years or more! This makes them an excellent long-term investment for any serious aquarist looking to create a thriving underwater ecosystem in their home aquariums!

How Big Do Amano Shrimp Get
How Big Do Amano Shrimp Get

Tank Mates

So what about amano shrimp tank mates? Setting up a tank for amano shrimp can be a fun and rewarding experience – if you get the details right! These bottom-feeding scavengers are compatible with for example guppies, platies, and tetras, making them great additions to any mixed species aquarium. You can also have amano shrimp with cherry shrimp for example. On top of that, they should do well in most setups as long as they have plenty of cover like plants to hide in and rocks or driftwood to explore. Ultimately, the perfect tank is made up of careful research, thoughtful planning, and attentive monitoring.

What Do They Eat

Amano shrimps make great tank cleaners and are one of the best algae eaters out there. But when it comes to feeding your amano shrimp, you should be aware that they are omnivorous scavengers with a rather diverse diet! These little guys love sinking pellets and blanched vegetables such as zucchini slices, spinach, cucumber, or kale. It’s important not to overfeed them though as uneaten food can contribute to water quality issues over time, and you’d probably also like them to eat algae, leftovers, etc. Fed in the right way Amano Shrimps will often keep your aquarium clean and tidy!


Amano shrimp are a great addition to any home aquarium. They are not only beautiful, but they help keep the tank clean and healthy too. We also hope that you’ve learned the answer to the question, how big do amano shrimp get.

Be sure to do your research before adding them to your tank, as improper care can result in problems with their growth rates. With a little bit of knowledge and preparation, you will be well on your way to enjoying these delightful creatures for years to come!