Dwarf Gourami and Shrimp – Can They Live Together or Not?
Dwarf Gourami and Shrimp – Can They Live Together or Not?

Are you ready to dive into the awesome world of aquariums? Each tank is like its own little underwater universe, with all sorts of fascinating creatures living together. But what happens when you mix two very different personalities, like the bold dwarf gourami and the delicate shrimp? Can they live together peacefully, or are you asking for trouble?

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of keeping dwarf gourami and shrimp together. We’ll look at their quirks, preferences, and what you need to do to make sure they get along. So, let’s get started on this underwater adventure!

4 Ways You Can Keep Dwarf Gourami and Shrimp Together 

Create a Safe Space 

Bigger is better when you want to create a peaceful home for your fishy friends. If you’re thinking about housing dwarf gourami and shrimp together, a larger tank is your best bet. Shrimp like to hang out at the bottom, while dwarf gouramis prefer the top. However, gouramis might see the shrimp as a tasty snack if they get the chance!

A bigger tank means more room for your shrimp to hide and stay out of sight. Your dwarf gourami can swim around showing off their colors while your shrimp find plenty of nooks to chill in.

Hiding Spots

Decorations in your tank aren’t just for looks—they’re essential for keeping shrimp safe. Dwarf gouramis don’t really care for hiding, but shrimp need those hidden spots to escape potential threats.

By adding plants, wood, and rocks, you create a maze of safe spaces. This way, your shrimp can quickly dart into hiding when they sense danger, making it harder for the gouramis to snack on them.

Larger Shrimp = more Intimidating 

We all know “big fish eat little fish,” and that’s true in aquariums too. Dwarf gouramis tend to prey on smaller shrimp, which can make things tricky. But don’t worry, there are larger shrimp that can hold their own.

Amano shrimp are a great match for dwarf gouramis. They’re about the same size and tough enough to not be an easy meal. If you’re up for spending a bit more, you can also go for Vampire or Bamboo shrimp. They’re even bigger and more capable of standing up to gouramis.

Maintain the Peace and Avoid the Hanger

Ever heard of being “hangry”? Well, dwarf gouramis can get pretty aggressive when they’re hungry. To keep them from hunting your shrimp, make sure they’re well-fed.

Dwarf gouramis will eat a variety of foods, so give them enough to eat twice a day. A well-fed gourami is usually a happy, peaceful fish that won’t see your shrimp as dinner—unless they get really close.

What Types Of Shrimp Do Best With Dwarf Gouramis?

A lively tank with a mix of creatures is amazing, but not if some are in danger of being eaten! If you want shrimp in your dwarf gourami’s tank, choose species that are less likely to become snacks.

Amano shrimp, Bamboo shrimp, Snowball shrimp, Baubalti shrimp, Grass shrimp, and Red Rili shrimp are all good choices. Just remember to consider their size compared to your gourami.

Dwarf Gourami and Shrimp – Can They Live Together or Not?
Dwarf Gourami and Shrimp – Can They Live Together or Not?

Do Dwarf Gouramis and Shrimp Have Similar Tank Needs?

Dwarf gouramis and shrimp might seem different, but they share some tank needs. Both are sensitive to high nitrate levels, so keep the tank clean with regular water changes and good filtration.

They also prefer gentle water flow. Too strong a flow can harm them, so use a filter that provides a softer flow.

Temperature needs can vary, so check what’s best for the specific shrimp species you have and find common ground with your gouramis.

There You Go!

Hopefully, these tips help you keep dwarf gourami and shrimp together happily. Remember to choose the right shrimp, set up the tank properly, and provide lots of hiding places to keep the shrimp safe.


  • They Can Live Together: Yes, shrimp and dwarf gouramis can live together in the same tank.
  • Bigger Tanks: More space helps shrimp avoid gouramis.
  • Hiding Spots: Decorations provide essential safety for shrimp.
  • Larger Shrimp: Bigger shrimp can stand up to gouramis better.
  • Feed Well: A well-fed gourami is less likely to hunt shrimp.
  • Compatible Species: Choose shrimp species that can coexist peacefully.