Can Shrimp Live with Tetras? - "Red Cherry Shrimp 2" by Corydoras-adolfoi is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.
Can Shrimp Live with Tetras? - "Red Cherry Shrimp 2" by Corydoras-adolfoi is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

People get an aquarium to decorate their homes or workplace. In some ways it is more beneficial than just a decorative element in the interior. For example, kids can learn a lot about fish, aquatic plants, and responsibility from an aquarium. You can ask kids to take the responsibility for the inhabitants residing in that beautiful aquarium. Besides this, it has therapeutic benefits. 

You can relieve stress by watching the aquarium and the fish roaming in it. Studies reveal that it helps people stay calm and enjoy an anxiety-free life. The aquarium can become the focal point in your home or office. 

A thing you can consider, is keeping shrimp in the aquarium if you are planning to buy a new one or already own one. Shrimps consume dead plant waste, algae, snails, worms, and dead shrimps as well. They help you keep the aquarium clean.

Tetras are also a very popular kind of aquarium fish, so the natural question might be: Can you add tetras to the aquarium if shrimp is already residing there? Can shrimp live with tetras in an aquarium? Let’s find out. 

Can Shrimp and Tetras Live Together in an Aquarium?

The short answer: Yes, shrimp and certain species of tetra fish can live together. You must understand one thing: some tetras will eat shrimp if they can get away with it. Some aggressive species of tetra fish leave no opportunity to gobble smaller creatures. If shrimp fits in their mouth, they will savour it. 

You can prevent this problem if you choose peaceful tetras to accompany shrimps. They will share the aquarium with shrimp and other creatures and make it look more beautiful. Both shrimp and tetra fish often prefer to live in a similar habitat. Water temperature, pH level, and hardness is usually the same for both creatures. 

Shrimp and tetras co-exist in nature and share the same environment. However, both aquatic creatures hold different positions in the food chain. Being omnivores, tetras eat both plants matter and fish. Several omnivorous fish hunt and eat shrimps because they are lower in the food chain. So, there is always the risk of tetras eating shrimps. 

As mentioned earlier, not all tetras munch shrimp. Certain species share their habitat peacefully with shrimp. It primarily depends on the following things:

Aggressiveness of tetras

Tetras are not known as aggressive fish. They share the space peacefully with their tank mates. This fish may get aggressive if it is hungry or under some sort of stress. Some tetras can be semi-aggressive, and might eat the shrimp if they get hungry. 

Experts recommend not keeping tiny invertebrates with too aggressive tetras. So you might consider more peaceful species of fish to beautify your tank.  

Size difference

Since tetras are omnivorous, it will eat other tankmates if they fit in their mouth. They avoid chasing and attacking large-size aquarium fish for food. If you put enough food for all of them in the tank, tetras are more likely to live peacefully. 

Suppose you put large-size shrimps in the tank, tetras will not trouble them. Shrimps can usually grow to around 1 inch in length. This is half the size of most tetras kept in an aquarium, so if you maintain such a size difference, tetras will usually not attack oryou’re your shrimps. 

Food availability

Studies show that tetras do not eat obsessively. If there is adequate food in the aquarium, your tetras may not take too much interest in hunting live prey. Properly fed tetras stay busy roaming across the aquarium instead of eating tankmates.

Experts recommend feeding tetras twice or thrice a day. A few flakes will soothe the hunger cravings of each fish in the tank. 

Remember, you need a well-planted tank to keep tetras and shrimp together. So can shrimp live with tetras? Continue reading to reveal the best tank setup for shrimp and tetra aquariums. 

How to Setup a Freshwater Tank for Shrimp and Tetra Aquarium

The following tips will help you set up a perfect aquarium for shrimp and tetras:

Things you need

You will need several things to prepare a beautiful aquarium. First of all, you should obviously buy an aquarium. It should be at least a 20-gallon (around 90 liters) tank so that shrimp and tetras get enough space to roam peacefully across the aquarium. You will also need substrate, a filtration system, a heater, and decorations. 

You can buy all the required supplies online or in your local pet store. Suppose you want to build a planted aquarium. Then you might consider moss, java fern, pearl wee, anubias, hornwort, or floating plants in the tank. These are some plants you might consider for a freshwater shrimp aquarium. You can also consider fake plants, if this suits your needs better.

Setting up the tank

If you are building a planted aquarium, learn some aquascaping. You will need some decorations and gravel or sand to create a beautiful view. Fill in the substrate and then plant the aquatic plants. The plants may take a little while to grow. You have to maintain the right water temperature and nutrition to grow the plants rapidly. 

Start cycling the aquarium before you put shrimp and tetras in it. Cycling ensures beneficial bacteria develop in the substrate and filter. They cleanse toxic waste and prepare a perfect environment for your inhabitants to survive and live in the tank. 

Add some hideouts for shrimps

Shrimps prefer to stay away from creatures that may attack them. If there is no such space in the aquarium, the shrimp will feel stressed and scared all the time. You should add some decorative elements and hideouts to keep the shrimps away from tetras and other tankmates. You can find many decorative things such as artificial caves, rocks wood and plants, to provide a perfect hideout for shrimps. 

Put shrimps and tetras in the tank

When there are plants and plenty of hideouts for shrimps, and the environment is perfect for shrimp and tetras, add them to the tank. You must choose tetra species that live peacefully with shrimps in an aquarium. Continue reading to learn about some suggestions for tetras in a shrimp aquarium.

Some Tetra Species for a Shrimp Aquarium

The below-listed tetra species can usually share the aquarium peacefully with certain species of shrimps:

Neon Tetras

Neon tetras are beautiful and that’s why many people wish to add them to their aquariums. These are omnivorous fish and they will consume anything they can eat. Adult shrimps are safe from neon tetras because their size is almost the same. 

Neon tetras do not attack and kill shrimps. Keep them well-fed and provide your shrimps with some hideouts. They will both live peacefully unless neon tetras spot a smaller shrimp in the tank. They do not hunt for fun and that nature may keep shrimps safe.  

Glowlight Tetras

Glowlight tetras are another eye-catching species of tetra fish. They also share the tank peacefully with shrimps. However, smaller shrimps won’t roam freely in the presence of glowlight tetras. They may stay in the hideout and move out when they are large enough to keep tetras away. 

Rummy Nose Tetras

It is another small fish that can share the tank with shrimp. Rummy nose tetras do not bother adult shrimps. Feed them well and they won’t even search for small shrimps. If you forget to feed them regularly, rummy nose tetras will certainly attack shrimps for food, if they can fit in their mouths. 

Congo tetras

Congo tetra is another popular fish species for aquariums. People put them with other small aquatic creatures to beautify the tank. They can be aggressive towards small-size shrimps, but they usually do not attack adult shrimps. These tetras may consume small shrimp while searching for food. Therefore, it is important to add some protective spaces for shrimps in the aquarium. 

Some Shrimp Species for an Aquarium Filled with Tetras

Can Shrimp Live with Tetras? - "Red Cherry Shrimp 2" by Corydoras-adolfoi is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.
Can Shrimp Live with Tetras? – “Red Cherry Shrimp 2” by Corydoras-adolfoi is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Which shrimp can live with tetras? The following are two very popular kinds of shrimps that you might choose for your aquarium:

Amano Shrimp

Amano shrimp can grow to about 2 inches (5 centimeters) in size. Some can get even bigger than neon tetras and other tetras. Therefore, they are perfect companions for tetras in an aquarium. Both creatures require the same environment to live a healthy life, and can adjust easily in a freshwater aquarium 

You won’t need to make major changes to water temperature and pH level to keep Amano shrimps and tetras safe together. This shrimp species will also help cleanse away algae and reduce maintenance requirements. 

Red Cherry Shrimp

Red cherry shrimps can grow to 1¼ inches (around 3 centimeters) as adults. They are large enough to keep tetras away and they live peacefully with smaller tetras like neon and glowlight tetras. This shrimp species also makes the aquarium look colorful and beautiful. Therefore, it’s a good pick to accompany tetras in your aquarium.

Can Shimp Live with Tetras – Conclusion

So, can shrimp live with tetras? Tetras and shrimp can become great tank mates if you follow the guide shared in this article. It is always risky for small shrimps to roam freely in the tank, however. Other large aquatic creatures always hunt them in nature. Tetras will avoid such behavior in your aquarium if you feed them regularly and also consider the size of the shrimps compared to the tetras. Maintain a perfect environment for their survival and both creatures will enjoy their stay in the tank., so that you can enjoy your aquarium as well.