Are you looking for the perfect plants for your livebearer aquarium? Whether you have guppies, mollies, platies or even swordtails swimming around in your tank, adding underwater plants can be beneficial to their health and well-being. In addition to being essential oxygen providers and waste processors (which helps keep your water clean!), they also provide stress-relieving hiding spots as well as a much needed sense of security when spawning. Floating varieties are especially good choices if you’re worried about fry by providing natural cover without obstructing their view – something that is ideal when it comes to little fish learning their way around!

Here are a look at some different options.

Having plants in your aquarium can give you a whole new underwater experience. Plants help tank inhabitants to hide and feel more secure, as well as create new homes for them. Different colors, shapes, and sizes of aquarium plants provide habitats for fish, invertebrates, and other beneficial creatures. Aquatic plants also clean the water by absorbing nutrients from it, acting as a natural filter that helps keep your environment healthy!

Best Plants for Livebearers – Hiding

Aquarium plants can be a great help to fish fry trying to hide from bigger, more predatory fish. The lush growth of many aquarium plants can provide plenty of hiding spots and security for small fry as they make their way around the tank. While big fish might be able to swim in and out of the foliage, the smaller size of fry allows them get right into all the nooks and crannies that only small bodies can fit into. You can also arrange your aquarium plants in such a way that they create a kind of ‘fortress’ or wall between different sections of the tank, so fry can feel even more secure when swimming from one area to another. So if you are looking for ways to ensure your fish fry have enough privacy and protection from bigger, hungrier fish, then look no further than adding some extra foliage in your setup!

Best Plants for Livebearers
Best Plants for Livebearers

Java Moss

"Java Moss Sporophyte Capsule" by mbalazs2 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.
Java Moss Sporophyte Capsule” by mbalazs2 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Adding Java Moss to your aquarium can really turn it into something special for your livebearers. Not only does this moss provide some great hiding and spawning spots for your fish, but its bright green color also brings a vibrant touch to any tank. Plus, the benefit of Java Moss is that it’s super easy to grow and doesn’t need much maintenance at all; just leave it be and let it spread naturally over time. Its versatility allows you to use it in various ways too, such as creating carpets, walls, or mixed arrangements with other plants. It can even make a great addition to aquascapes since its compact form won’t affect swimming space! So don’t hesitate – add some Java Moss today and watch your aquarium come alive.


Lemna minor Subaquatic view Lamiot 04” by Lamiot is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Duckweed is an incredibly popular aquarium plant and invaluable addition to any livebearer tank. It is low-maintenance and easy to keep. As the duckweed continually multiplies, you’ll want to be sure to thin it out regularly, creating more space in the tank. One of the great things about Duckweed is its ability to reduce waste and nitrates in an aquarium as well as creating shelter for livebearers like guppies when kept in larger clumps. It’s important not to overdo it though – too much Duckweed will block light from reaching other aquarium plants and potentially cause a drop in oxygen levels. If your looking for a natural way to care for your livebearers, then Duckweed could be just the thing!


Amano Shrimp” by christina cahalane is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Anacharis plants are perfect for livebearer aquariums! Aesthetically, they’re a great way to bring a little more greenery into your fish tank – their long stems and lacy green leaves come together to create an attractive look. Anacharis also serves a practical purpose too: the dense foliage provides refuge for livebearers until they’re big enough to handle being out in the open. Plus, Anacharis is an excellent biological filter – it helps keep your aquarium clear by absorbing nitrates and other unwanted chemicals. With proper care, these hardy plants will thrive in any livebearer tank and add an extra dose of healthy lushness to your setup.

Java Fern

Java Fern” by ictheostega is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Incorporate a Java Fern into your livebearer aquarium for an attractive, low-maintenance addition to your tank. This popular aquarium plant offers endless potential as it can be kept in almost any type of aquatic environment and requires minimal care. Not only does the Java Fern provide a beautiful, dense look, but its leaves also provide valuable shelter to small fish. As an added bonus, it’s easy to propagate through cuttings and usually requires no extra fertilizers or additives for optimal health. All in all, the Java Fern is one of the best plants for livebearers, and is the perfect way to add vibrant, life-sustaining hues to your livebearer aquarium’s environment.


anubias barteri” by scratanut is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Keeping livebearers in your aquarium? Anubias plants are a great choice! Their hardy leaves are perfect for livebearing fish as they offer plenty of fun spaces for them to explore and hide, without harming their delicate fins. Plus, these plants require minimal upkeep, making them ideal for hobbyists looking for an easy addition to their tank. Anubias also come in a variety of colors, including attractive variegated shades of green, adding visual interest to your aquascape. With no shortage of options and benefits for your finned friends, it’s easy to see why so many aquarists turn to Anubias when stocking their tanks with aquatic life.

Guppy Grass

25 Gallon Guppy Tank” by max_wei is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

If you’re looking to add a bit of life to your aquarium for livebearers, then look no further than the guppy grass plant. This vibrant green and leafy plant provides your tank with an attractive, natural hiding place for fish that helps recreate their natural habitats, promoting the health and well-being of your fish. Not only do livebearers love swimming through it and taking cover from predators in its lush branches, but guppy grass also improves water quality by absorbing nitrates from the tank – making it not only a great addition for looks but practical too!

Amazon Sword Plant

Driftwood and Amazon Sword” by Psychlist1972 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

If you’re searching for an eye-catching modern addition to your livebearer tank, then look no further than the Amazon Sword aquarium plant! This low maintenance beauty sports lush foliage that adds a touch of sophistication with minimal effort. Its hardy nature and easy setup make it perfect for any beginner hobbyist who just wants to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. With mesmerizing undulating leaves, it is sure to be a conversation starter and will bring your fish tank from ordinary to extraordinary in no time.


starr-110124-0153-Ceratophyllum_demersum-habit_in_water-Sacred_Garden_of_Maliko-Maui” by Starr Environmental is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Hornwort is an unusual and beautiful aquatic plant that makes a great addition to tanks stocked with livebearers such as guppies and mollies. This low-maintenance addition to your aquarium is not only attractive but hardy enough for novice aquarists. It gives off oxygen during the day, making a happy home for your finned friends. Hornwort has small leaves that tend to float on or near the surface of the water, with roots that anchor it in place at the bottom of the tank. Its flexibility and sturdy stems make it ideal for breeding tanks, providing a natural safe area for fry to hide and grow. With minimal care – just trimming it once every couple of weeks – you can enjoy this unique plant as part of your livebearer aquarium. So this is also on our list of the best plants for livebearers.


File:Aquarium Crypts.jpg” by Dennis L. is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Cryptocoryne is an aquarium plant that’s perfect for owners of livebearer fish – like mollies and guppies – as it can help reduce the risk of stress and disease. This plant is hardy, so even novice aquarists will have success adding it their tank. Plus its bright green color provides a welcomed splash of vibrancy to any home aquarium. Not to mention, these plants come in many varieties and do not require high-level maintenance or special lighting, so they’re ideal for those just starting out in the hobby. Ultimately, Cryptocoryne ranks highly on the list of essential aquarium plants for any livebearer tank.

Water Wisteria

File:Hygrophila difformis also known as water wisteria Submerged and Emmersed growth 2.jpg” by Kephalian is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

If you’re like many aquarists, then water wisteria is a plant that you want to add to your aquarium. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it is also incredibly beneficial for livebearers, such as mollies and guppies. This lush weed can help provide shelter and protection for these fish, while also helping to reduce nitrate levels in the tank. Plus, it can quickly propagate. Whether you are looking to offer added security or transform your aquarium into an underwater paradise, this versatile plant should be considered an essential addition to any serious aquarists toolkit!


File:Austfishtank1.JPG” by Casliber is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

If you are looking for an aquarium plant that is perfect for livebearers, look no further than Vallisneria! This hardy and versatile aquatic plant grows quickly, allowing you to put the perfect amount of green in your setup without having to wait. It provides cover for fry as well as suitable spawning sites for adult fish. Vallisneria’s lush and natural aesthetic can really brighten up any tank–plus it is easy to propagate so you’ll never run out! So if you are looking for one of the best plants for livebearers, give the Vallisneria a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Plastic Plants

Materials needed for DIY Aquarium Mason Jar.” by tankariumis licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Plastic aquarium plants for livebearers provide a low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing way to decorate your tank. Not only are they safe for your fish, they can add a vibrant atmosphere to the environment – perfect for livebearers! Plastic plants don’t require the same trimming or upkeep as a real plant, so you can easily design your desired look without all the hassle. Also, plastic plants come in various types of vibrant colors that will enhance the beauty of any aquarium.

The variety of options available in these artificial plants, from height and size to different shades of green, allow you to customize the look and feel of your aquarium in any way you’d like!


No matter what type of livebearer you have in your aquarium, adding plants is a great way to create a healthy and beautiful environment for them to thrive in. By providing oxygen, processing waste and offering hiding spots, underwater plants are essential to the health and well-being of your fish. When choosing plants for your tank, be sure to consider the size and temperament of your fish as well as the amount of light that the plant will need in order to grow.

If you have livebearers swimming in your aquarium, adding underwater plants can be beneficial to their health and well-being. Floating varieties are especially good choices if you’re worried about fry by providing natural cover without obstructing their view. With so many different options available, it’s easy to find the best plants for livebearers in your aquarium!